Frequently Asked Questions

I am an end-consumer. Where can I buy Thirstystone Coasters?
There are gift shops that sell Thirstystone coasters across the United States, however you can visit our Where to Buy page on this website and you will find many retailers that will ship directly to you.

What are Thirstystone Coasters made of?
Thirstystone coasters are made from 100% naturally absorbent sandstone.

Where are Thirstystone Coasters made?
Thirstystone coasters are printed and packaged in the United States, shipping out of Gainesville, Texas.

How do I clean Thirstystone Coasters?
Thirstystone Coasters may occasionally need cleaning. If so, rinse in cool, clear water and air-dry.

Will Thirstystone Coasters stain?
With proper care, Thirstystone coasters will not stain. A fresh beverage stain will most often wash out with plain water. For an old or stubborn stain, wet the coaster, apply a few drops of mild detergent and lightly scrub with a sponge, brush, etc., rinse and air-dry.

Why have my Thirstystone Coasters stopped absorbing?
Sometimes the pores on the stone get clogged which diminishes their ability to absorb water. Try washing the coasters with warm water and a little dish detergent and gently scrub the surfaces. Then air-dry them overnight.

Will Thirstystone Coasters scratch my furniture?
Thirstystone coasters are sold with cork backing in order to avoid furniture damage, although scratching may occur if the edges of the stone are rubbed against the surface.

Why does the stone appear different in each Thirstystone Coaster set?
Due to the unique nature of this naturally porous sandstone, markings, variations, and irregularities in shading, color and texture are natural and characteristic of the stone, adding to its natural beauty.

Are Thirstystone Coasters dishwasher safe?
Dishwashing is not recommended as the extreme abrasion and heat of a dishwasher will cause the natural cork backing to deteriorate.

Will the printed image wear off my Thirstystone Coaster?
The images printed on Thirstystone coasters are permanent and will not wear off with normal use. Thirstystone uses state of the art printing on our coasters.

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